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Client Testimonials

At Singulex, Inc., achieving total customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we are proud of the feedback we receive. We invite you to read the testimonials below to learn how Singulex technology and services have helped our clients successfully reach their research goals.

"The Erenna system has become a very important technology for our central lab when pharmaceutical companies come to us requiring high sensitivity measurements."

Singulex Customer Insight Assay Development and CRO

Ole Vesterqvist, Senior Director of Clinical Laboratory Science at Covance, Inc.

  • Dr. Vesterqvist shares his thoughts on the benefits of bringing high-sensitivity immunoassay technologies into pharma/CRO settings. Download the full article here.

"In summary, the advantages for this assay are its sensitivity, low sample volume requirement, broad standard curve range, and 1-step capture and detection step."

Erenna Mouse Insulin Kit Standard Curves

Elizabeth Macy, Senior Research Technician at Washington University Diabetes Research and Training Center, Proteomics Core.

"Using the Singulex immunoassay-based method, called Single Molecule Detection, we can pick up troponin at the lowest picogram [per mL] levels, which is a whole order of magnitude more sensitive. We know it measures below the present 99th percentile of currently available troponin assays, and that alone is highly valuable."

CVMedHome Cardiovascular Monitoring with Sgx Tests on YouTube

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