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The Singulex Clinical Laboratory provides Advanced Cardiovascular Monitoring for a broader assessment of patient risk due to the sensitivity, accuracy, and specificity of the unique high-precision single molecule counting technology.

  • Proprietary Digital Single Molecule Biomarker Analysis: Erenna Immunoassay System
  • Advanced CVD Testing Menu:
    • Cardiopathology/Heart Function
    • Vascular Inflammation/inflammatory
    • Dyslipidemia/Lipids
    • CardioMetabolic Status/Metabolic
  • Physician and Patient Educational Resources: Clinical Health Education and Lifestyle Management. Visit CVMedHome.com.

CVMedHome is a Cardiovascular Wellness Management Offering that provides physicians and their patients with a personalized wellness program, enhanced cardiovascular profiling services, and online interactive management tools.

The CVMedHome Offering:

  • Supports and extends physicians' efforts to bring better care to patients with accepted risk factors for CVD. For additional details, visit www.cvmedhome.com.
  • Provides patients with a Clinical Health Educator (CHE) to support the treatment plan of the physician, and implements a CVMedHome Personalized Wellness Program.*
  • Evaluates each at-risk patient with a CVMedHome Enhanced Cardiovascular Profile, spanning four disease areas.

CVD Risk Factors1


Family History






Metabolic Syndrome

1WRITING GROUP MEMBERS et al.; Circ 2010; 121 (7): e46.

*The CVMedHome Personalized Wellness Program and the Clinical Health Educator (CHE) are provided to promote the delivery of preventative care services as described in Section 1128A(a)(5) of the Social Security Act and the Guide to Clinical Preventive Services, 2nd Edition.

To learn more about our offering, call us toll free at 1-800-400-4344 or visit us at www.cvmedhome.com.

Information herein pertains to testing performed in the Singulex Clinical Laboratory.