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Singulex, Inc., is a leader in advanced biomarker research, deploying high precision, high sensitivity, digital immunoassay technology to enable groundbreaking discovery, innovative therapies and improved healthcare. The Erenna Immunoassay System, powered by Singulex's patented single-molecule detection technology, accurately, precisely and reliably quantifies low-abundance biomarkers at or below sub-picogram concentrations. This unique high-definition technology enhances the clinical utility of biomarkers and allows researchers to gain insights into drug safety and efficacy.

  • Quantifying the Previously Undetectable
  • Uncovering Novel Biology
  • Accelerating Discovery
  • Generating Relevant Data
  • Requiring Fewer Data Points for Critical Decision Making
  • Reducing Program Costs & Improving ROI

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Unless otherwise noted, Singulex products are for research use only and not intended for diagnostics use.