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Want to Relieve Stress and Create a Relaxing Atmosphere Wherever You Are? Try this White Snow Mountain Air Humidifier!

If you want to get rid of all the annoying factors that keep you from sleeping peacefully all night, then our White Snow Mountain Air Humidifier is exactly what you need. This humidifier effectively converts water into airborne moisture to boost the level of moisture in the surrounding air by releasing a cool mist with ultrasonic vibration. It is especially useful for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. By keeping the air fresh and your throat moist, it brings comfort to asthma patients. A humid atmosphere also prevents dry skin, chapped lips, and irritated throat. Our humidifier also helps to avoid common colds and flu among young children as fewer bacteria survive in the humid air. Eventually, the sleeping patterns are improved when there’s a humidifier on your bedside. This humidifier also reduces snoring from nasal congestion by helping loosen mucus blocking your airway.

The compact design of this humidifier makes it perfect for carrying around with you. You can use it while sleeping, working, studying, driving, or traveling! With the quiet design, it only creates sound less than 32 dB. It will not disturb you or your colleagues from your tasks and will not interrupt your sleep. With the USB power port, you can charge it with computers, mobile phones, power banks, or plug it into the car’s USB port. Another great thing about this humidifier is that it comes with ten filters. No need to buy them separately!



This mini humidifier has two spraying modes: the continuous and the intermittent ones. The water tank with the capacity of 500ml produces longer mist. Thus, this humidifier can work non-stop for 6 hours with the continuous mode and 12 hours with the intermittent mode. It’s safe to leave it working for such a long time as there is an automatic shut-off function. When the humidifier will run out of water, it will turn off automatically to prevent any accident. This air humidifier can also be used as a night light as there are two modes of night light function. You can choose between the constant light mode and the breathing light mode according to your preferences.

How to use:

Our White Snow Mountain Air Humidifier features a one-button operation technology, so it would be quite easy for you to use it. For the first time, you will need to soak the filter cotton swab for 3-5 minutes before installing and using it. Then, unscrew the top cover and add water to the water tank. Then, connect the USB power supply. Click the button to begin enjoying the work of this device. One click to turn on the continuous spray mode. Two clicks to activate the intermittent spray mode. Remember to wash the water tank once a week and replace filters every 2-3 weeks.

✔️ REDUCES SKIN PEELING – Our humidifier enhances the humidity level in your room and makes your skin hydrated. It reduces your risks for redness, flaking, and even breakouts.

✔️ TEN COTTON FILTERS INCLUDED – The White Snow Mountain Air Humidifier comes with 10 cotton filters which should be used while using the humidifier. They are made of premium cotton for strong water absorption. These cotton filters ensure the normal work of our humidifier.

✔️ RELIEVES ASTHMA & ALLERGY SYMPTOMS – Our humidifier helps in soothing tissues in the nose and throat. It relieves such symptoms as dry and itchy throat, runny nose, coughing, nose bleeds, and sinus congestion.

✔️ CREATES COMFORTABLE HOUSE CONDITIONS – A little moisture in the air makes the furnishing last longer and keeps them fresh in the long run. Our humidifier also maintains the level of humidity for your houseplants to live longer.

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  1. T***r

    I’ve had this for two weeks now and I love it! The intermittent mode is my favorite one. I love that the light can be on or off or softly dimming and brightening. It’s also very surprising how long the water in it lasts. I put it on for the whole night and it still works when I wake up! It became easier to wake up, and it’s really helping with a sore throat. And it’s also great that it came with 10 cotton filters! Overall, I’m super satisfied with the purchase. Thanks!

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