Portable Chargeable Air Humidifier


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Refresh the air you breathe!
Singulex humidifier improves the air quality in the room. Raising the humidity levels, it makes the air less aggressive to the body. Our humidifier helps with dry skin, nose, and throat. It is also effective in decreasing allergens and treating cold and flu symptoms.
Deep hydration
Regular use of our humidifier brings various health benefits. It keeps your hair, skin, and throat hydrated, preventing peeling and dryness.
Allergies relief
Our device removes irritating triggers from the air. It minimizes pet dander, dust, and virus particles, easing allergic responses.
Comfortable environment
Adding moisture to the air ensures a healthy atmosphere. It makes sleeping more restful and promotes energy and well-being.
Easy to use
Simply fill the tank with water, plug the power cable in and press the button.
Adjustable spraying
Choose between the continuous and intermittent modes.
Night light
Our humidifier creates a soothing light for better relaxation.
More reasons to love our humidifier
Large Capacity
USB Power Supply
Cool Mist
Auto Shut-off

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