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Solve Dry Air Conditions and Create a Healthy Home Environment with this Portable Air Purifier Humidifier!

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, live with pets, or have unusually dry air in your home, our Portable Air Purifier Humidifier is exactly what you need for your lungs’ health. Our Portable Air Purifier Humidifier is designed to reduce allergens in the air, such as dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or mold spores. If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you can use our product to reduce your exposure to these triggers. Moreover, it eases cold and flu symptoms by removing other respiratory irritants from the air. Moisturizing air is important when curing cough, stuffy nose, headaches, and dry sinuses. Luckily, our device effectively sprays cool mist all around the room to provide relief and relaxation. Additionally, it increases humidity levels to alleviate dry and cracked skin during the winter season. Plus, it also promotes better sleep by helping you with unpleasant disease symptoms.

This Air Purifier Humidifier is rather small and compact. The size and weight of this product make it easy to take it with you anywhere you go. It is powered by a USB cord that is compatible with any device’s USB port. This ultrasonic humidifier produces a near-silent frequency of 26dB ensuring ultra-quiet operation. This small and cute humidifier won’t bother you while sleeping, working, studying, or even driving.

This Portable Humidifier has two spray modes: continuous and intermittent. In the continuous mode, it will automatically turn off after 4 hours. In the intermittent mode, it will automatically turn off after 6 hours. It has a water tank of 300ml capacity. However, when the water level is low, it will automatically shut off. Plus, there are colorful cycling light settings that create a peaceful ambiance while delivering a soothing mist. Most importantly, our device comes with ten swab filters which are essential to reduce pollutants and bad odors from the air. 

How to use:

Our Portable Air Purifier Humidifier features a one-button control function that makes it easier to use. The first thing you got to do is to install the spring and the swab. Then, pour water into the tank and plug in the USB power cord. Push the power button for 1 second to start the continuous mode or for 2 seconds to start the intermittent spray mode. Keep pushing the power button for 3 seconds to enable the night light and the colorful light function. It is recommended to change the filter stick every three months. Your Air Purifier Humidifier should be allowed to dry and be wiped down every few days after use.

✔️ REDUCES INFECTIONS – By moisturizing air, our Air Humidifier reduces the risk of infections and diseases as viruses and bacteria travel well in dry air.

✔️  REMOVES ASTHMA & ALLERGENS TRIGGERS – Our device effectively removes pet dander, second-hand smoke, and other allergens from the air you breathe. All these things can cause your breathing conditions to flare up, so it’s highly important to purify the air in the room.

✔️ TEN SWAB FILTERS INCLUDED – Our Portable Air Purifier Humidifier comes with 10 swab filters which are essential to remove airborne pollutants. Ten filters would be enough for approximately a year of usage. No need to buy them anywhere else!

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  1. L***a

    I really wanted an affordable and small humidifier for my office and this one is perfect! I put it on my desk in from of my computer and it works the whole working day long. It has really become a conversation started with some colleagues and I’m pretty sure a couple of them ordered the same humidifier. Thank you!

  2. N***e

    This is so easy to use and is perfect for the baby’s room! It’s very easy to use and has different settings for steady spray or intermittent spray and with or without the disco lights. It also has an automatic shut-off timer, so we don’t worry about leaving it in the baby’s room for the whole night. Highly recommend!

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