Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers


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Forget about struggling to find the most comfortable position!
Singulex pillow corrects spacing between knees. It reduces pressure and pain in the back and thighs. By doing so, our knee pillow helps maintain natural body alignment. Besides, it promotes uninterrupted sleep. Our pillow for side sleepers stays in place the whole night long and does not slip.
Pain relief
Our knee pad eliminates painful pressure points on the knees and thighs. It effectively helps with sciatica, arthritis, back, hip, knee pain, and post-surgery pain and improves your blood flow.
Natural alignment
Our pillow evenly distributes the weight between the knees and legs. It allows for taking the tension off the hips and correcting the posture.
Sleep improvement
This knee pillow helps to fall asleep faster by eliminating discomfort. It promotes staying asleep the whole night long and makes waking up refreshed easier.
Non-slip design
The leg strap prevents slipping and sliding.
Memory foam
The memory foam filling keeps its shape and does not flatten over time.
Maximum support
The special curve increases the stress area to support the legs, hips, and knees.
More reasons to love our pillow
Removable Cover
Dust-mite Resistant

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