Orthopedic Arch Support Insoles


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Get support as you walk!
Singulex insoles stabilize and align the feet. This helps distribute the weight and reduces pressure on lower body joints. Our orthopedic insoles relieve pain and maximize shoe comfort. Plus, they promote posture correction.
Pain relief
Singulex insoles alleviate pain linked to flat feet, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and others. While reducing discomfort, they eliminate stress and promote relaxation.
High arch support
Our insoles support the foot with its semi-rigid arch. This disperses gravity from the ankle joint and ensures plantar stability.
Injuries prevention
By protecting the ankle joint, Singulex insoles stabilize the feet. This promotes balance and helps prevent injuries.
Shock absorption
Shock absorption reduces foot pressure.
U-shape heel
The deep U-shape heel cup improves stability.
Multilayered support
The four layers ensure better support.
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