Neck Massager Shoulders Massage Pillow

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Get Relief from Pain and Keep Your Energy Up with This Neck Massager Shoulders Massage Pillow!

Do you come home after a long day full of work feeling tired and like a dish towel? If so, it’s high time you stopped it. Now you can relax and enjoy the deep massage produced by our Neck Massager Shoulders Massage Pillow! This Massage Pillow utilizes rotation shiatsu nodes to provide deep tissue kneading massage to relax your tense & sore muscles. It also helps to ease fatigue and muscle pain. It provides a therapeutic effect for hypertension, arthritis, contusion, and cervical spondylosis patients. You can position the Pillow Massager in many ways so as to effectively reach your body in any area. It’s a real saver for those who spend a lot of time standing on their feet or sitting with a bad posture.  It will also provide excellent relaxation the moment you get home and turn your favorite TV show on. The built-in magnets will give you an entirely different experience by providing you with magnetotherapy. It’s great for enhancing blood circulation to cure your stress points.

Our Massager Pillow is very lightweight and has a compact design. It also comes with a car adapter which means you can enjoy the massage even while driving. The size and the weight of our product allow you to take it with you wherever you go. You can use it while working, studying, sleeping, traveling, or just casually relaxing on a sofa. Our Massage Pillow is simple in usage and will not cause any trouble. You can easily regulate the speed and the direction of the massage by pressing the button. This Massager is equipped with overheat protection and features a 15-minutes auto shut-off function to ensure safety and prevent your skin from burning. Plus, there is an elastic strap on the back of the Massage Pillow which supports a firm fix to chairs, car seats, and sofas.

✔️ PROVIDES FULL-BODY RELAXATION – By mimicking the vigorous deep kneading and penetration of a real massage therapist’s hands, this Massage Pillow provides high-quality magnetotherapy to ensure the deepest relaxation. Use it on your neck, back, feet, legs, and abdomen!

✔️ EASES MUSCLES STIFFNESS & TENSION – Our Massage pillow provides heat therapy to give that extra therapeutic boost to relax your muscles and give a soothing sensation.

✔️ HELPS TO FALL ASLEEP FASTER – By promoting deep relaxation and massage, this pillow makes it easier to fall asleep and get more sound sleep. Use it right before going to bed and enjoy colorful dreams the whole night long!

2 reviews for Neck Massager Shoulders Massage Pillow

  1. G***e

    I’m so glad I decided to try this massager! I had no idea that this little guy can make such a difference for my back pain. I control the pressure and how deep of a massage I get, by leaning my weight into it. I guarantee you will fall asleep as soon as you turn it on. Thanks!

  2. V***e

    This is the best massager I’ve ever had! I really enjoy using it after a day of work on my sofa while watching my TV shows. It gives a nice, deep-tissue-type massage that can be used on your neck, back, arms, or legs. It is heated as well, which is really nice! I also get migraines and find that using the neck massager can help when I have a headache. Overall, highly recommend!

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