Lumbar Support Belt – Lower Back Pain Relief


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Forget about lower back pain and discomfort!
Singulex support belt releases tension and stress in the back. It restricts painful movements, promoting faster recovery. Our belt also saves you from possible injuries and reduces aches. In addition, it increases function during daily activity.
Posture correction
Our lumbar belt prevents a slouched position in the lower back. It redistributes weight in the spine to promote the correct posture.
Pain relief
Singulex belt properly aligns your muscles and spine, reducing tension. It helps treat a herniated disc, sciatica, back pain, and sore muscles.
Injuries prevention
Our tight belt reduces the range of motion to boost healing. It also securely supports the back, protecting and saving it from injuries.
360° support
Singulex belt supports the back, waist, and abdomen.
Orthopedic stays
The four medical stays stabilize the back.
Elastic straps
The elastic straps make it easier to control compression.
More reasons to love our belt
Slimming Effect

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