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Fight double chin and other aging signs!
Singulex massager stimulates facial muscles, making them optimally toned. It improves blood circulation and promotes new cell growth. Best of all, it provides deep skin treatment and eliminates swelling and puffiness.
Skin upgrade
The wavelengths of red light boost the production of collagen. It allows the skin to be more elastic and tight. This, in turn, improves the skin’s colour and reduces wrinkles, fine lines, and dark circles.
Slimming effect
Singulex facial massager strengthens and sculpts the bigger muscles of the face. It provides a natural lifting effect, preventing a saggy facial outline.
Deep cleansing
Reaching the deepest layers of the skin, blue light eliminates the bacteria that cause acne. This results in preventing future acne and blemishes, as well as enhancing skin absorption.
Easy to use
Simply put on the device, adjust the band, and choose between the five modes and several intensity levels.
Foldable design
Our massager can be folded for more compact storage.
Adjustable size
Control the length of the headband for a perfect fit.
More reasons to love our massager
Safe to Use
Adjustable Power

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