Cervical and Shoulder Pain Relief Pillow




Relieve neck pain and wake up fresh!
Singulex cervical pillow offers relief to neck and shoulder pain. Its curved design comfortably supports the spine. Keeping the correct skeleton alignment, the pillow promotes posture improvement. It also ensures relaxation and prevents muscle stiffness. Plus, it makes sleep more sound and restful.
Comfort supply
By keeping the neck in line with the spine, this pillow prevents pressure on nerves. It provides great relaxation and neck pain relief.
Orthopedic contour
Our pillow cradles the neck and keeps it in a neutral position. It supports tired muscles and provides proper spine alignment.
Sleep improvement
Our pillow reduces discomfort, which results in a stress decrease. It promotes deeper sleep and improves sleeping quality.
All sleeping positions
Singulex cervical pillow suits stomach, back, and side sleepers.
Memory foam
The pillow is made of soft memory foam. It evenly distributes the weight and keeps its shape over time.
Whole body support
Our pillow has four areas for head, spine, arms, and shoulders support.
More reasons to love our pillow
Hidden Zipper
Washable Cover
Dust-mite Resistant

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