Adjustable Elastic Ankle Brace


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Protect your ankles all around!
Singulex ankle brace allows for walking free of pain. It provides compression and stability to the ankle, keeping it in a neutral position. This prevents injuries and aids tendon and joint recovery. Plus, our brace relieves soreness, stiffness, pain, and fatigue in the ankles.
Pain relief
This brace wraps around the ankle down to the arch. It gives arch support and relieves plantar fasciitis and flat feet pain.
Injuries prevention
Singulex brace holds the ankle in place to prevent sliding. It minimizes the risk of ankle injuries and sprains not only while walking but also when doing sports.
Recovery promotion
Our brace makes your tendons and joints stable. It allows to boost the recovery process and achieve it faster.
360° support
Singulex brace provides support all around the ankle.
V shape
The criss-cross design makes it easier to adjust.
Elastic band
The highly flexible fabric ensures a snug fit.
More reasons to love our brace
Super Thin
Open Heel

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