100% BLACKOUT Ortorex Sleep Mask




Get uninterrupted sleep in total darkness!
Ortorex sleep mask provides a night of restful slumber. It blocks out distracting light to increase melatonin production. This allows waking up with no post-sleep tiredness. Best of all, our mask has plenty of room for your eyes to relax.
Total blackout
Ortorex mask prevents 100% of the light from shining in your eyes. When in use, it allows achieving complete darkness even in daylight.
Sleep upgrade
By plunging you into the darkness, Ortorex sleep mask helps fall asleep faster and easier. Plus, it also decreases waking up in the middle of the night. This facilitates the production of melatonin, improving sleep quality.
Eyes protection
Ortorex sleep mask keeps the eyes covered at night. It means they are secured from exposure to dust and other irritators.
3D contour
The deep cups don’t put pressure on the eyes.
Adjustable cups
You can customize the position and angle of the eye covers for a perfect fit.
Breathable materials
Ortorex mask allows the air to flow through, preventing sweating.
More reasons to love our mask
Velcro Closure

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