Previously undetectable, quantified.
One molecule at a time.

Singulex’s proprietary Single Molecule Counting (SMCTM) technology enables precise measurement of molecules at levels previously undetectable, for unprecedented biomarker insights.

Scientists familiar with traditional immunoassay methods know that sensitivity, matrix effects, and dynamic range affect how they can make measurements—or if they can make them at all.

Singulex combines a traditional immunoassay workflow with patented Single Molecule Counting (SMC) technology, enabling the detection of low-abundance biomarkers, such as proteins and nucleic acids, with unparalleled sensitivity and accuracy, capturing concentrations down to the femtogram/mL level. Researchers and physicians now can detect, and monitor changes in, extremely low levels of established disease biomarkers such as cardiac troponin I and cytokines. As a result, scientists and clinicians have gained new molecular insights into, and found new utility for, these biomarkers of disease.

What can better precision and sensitivity do for your research?

  • Quantify previously undetectable analytes
  • Better stratify sample populations
  • Gain insights into novel biological mechanisms
  • Require fewer data points for critical decision making
  • Accelerate drug discovery and development
  • Reduce program costs and improve productivity
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