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Erenna® immunoassay kits and reagents

Erenna Immunoassay Kits are developed to take full advantage of Singulex’s proprietary Single Molecule Counting (SMCTM) technology to reach the highest levels of sensitivity possible in an immunoassay format.

Singulex kits contain all reagents required to perform assays on the Erenna Immunoassay System. Our assays take advantage of a standard immunoassay workflow and may be configured with a proprietary paramagnetic microparticle solid phase capture for ultimate biomarker quantification, or in a standard plate format when extreme sensitivity is not required. Assay protocols are similar to existing sandwich ELISA methods with two key differences:

  • Elution buffer disrupts the sandwich, separating the labeled detection antibody for quantification.
  • Erenna Immunoassay System detects analytes using Single Molecule Counting (SMCTM) technology.



Singulex Kit Offerings
Verified Kits are Erenna immunoassay kits that have been fully optimized for ultimate performance. We provide information on analyte levels, sensitivity, dynamic range, and known matrix compatibility.

Prototype Kits are Erenna immunoassay kits that have not undergone full characterization. Contact us to see how you may take advantage of these assays to accelerate your research.

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Verified Erenna SMC Immunoassay Kits
Analyte Description Species Catalog #
AKT1, phospho Ser p473 Erenna® pAKT1 (pSer473) Immunoassay Kit H, M, R 03-0100-xx
AKT1, total Erenna® tAKT1 Immunoassay Kit H, M, R 03-0099-xx
cTnI Erenna® Cardiac Troponin-I Immunoassay Kit H, M, R, C, NHP 03-0092-xx
G-CSF Erenna® G-CSF Immunoassay Kit H 03-0047-xx
GLP-1, active (MP-based) Erenna® Active GLP-1 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0024-xx
GLP-1, total Erenna® Total GLP-1 Immunoassay Kit H, M, R, C 03-0025-xx
GM-CSF Erenna® GM-CSF Immunoassay Kit H 03-0067-xx
IFN-γ Erenna® IFN-γ Immunoassay Kit H 03-0049-xx
IL-10 Erenna® IL-10 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0056-xx
IL-12 Erenna® IL-12 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0057-xx
IL-13 (V2) Erenna® IL-13 (V2) Immunoassay Kit H 03-0109-xx
IL-15 Erenna® IL-15 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0058-xx
IL-17A (V2) Erenna® IL-17A (V2) Immunoassay Kit H 03-0103-xx
IL-17A/F Heterodimer Erenna® IL-17A/F Heterodimer (V2) Immunoassay Kit H 03-0119-xx
IL-17A/F Heterodimer Erenna® IL-17A/F Heterodimer Immunoassay Kit H 03-0073-xx
IL-17F (V2) Erenna® IL-17F (V2) Immunoassay Kit H 03-0102-xx
IL-1α Erenna® IL-1α Immunoassay Kit H 03-0072-xx
IL-1β Erenna® IL-1β Immunoassay Kit H 03-0028-xx
IL-2 Erenna® IL-2 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0051-xx
IL-21 Erenna® IL-21 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0014-xx
IL-22 Erenna® IL-22 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0059-xx
IL-23 Erenna® IL-23 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0112-xx
IL-4 Erenna® IL-4 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0052-xx
IL-5 Erenna® IL-5 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0053-xx
IL-6 Erenna® IL-6 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0089-xx
IL-7 Erenna® IL-7 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0094-xx
IL-8 Erenna® IL-8/CXCL8 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0055-xx
Insulin (Plate-based) Erenna® Mouse (Plate-based) Insulin Immunoassay Kit M 03-0006-xx
KIM-1 Erenna® SMCTM KIM-1 Immunoassay Kit H 03-0118-xx
TNFα (human) Erenna® Human TNF-α Immunoassay Kit H 03-0088-xx
TNFα (mouse) Erenna® SMCTM Mouse TNF-α Immunoassay Kit (BBA) M 03-0108-xx
VEGF-A (human) Erenna® Human VEGF Immunoassay Kit H 03-0068-xx
Prototype Erenna SMC Immunoassays
Analyte Description Species
Aβ-40 Erenna® Aβ-40 Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
Aβ-42 Erenna® Aβ-42 Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
EGFR Erenna® EGFR Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
GLP-1, active (Plate-based) Erenna® Active GLP-1 (Plate-based) Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
GLP-1, total (Plate-based) Erenna® Total GLP-1(Plate-based) Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
Glucagon Erenna® Human Glucagon Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
Insulin (MP-based) Erenna® Human (MP-based) Insulin Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
MMP-2 Erenna® MMP-2 Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
MMP-2/TIMP-2 complex Erenna® MMP-2/TIMP-2 Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
skTnI (Fast) Erenna® Human Skeletal Troponin I (Fast Twitch) Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
skTnI (Slow) Erenna® Human Skeletal Troponin I (Slow Twitch) Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
TIMP-2 Erenna® TIMP-2 Immunoassay Prototype Assay H
TNFα Erenna® Mouse TNFα Immunoassay Prototype Assay M

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